Such a birthday will not soon be forgotten. The popularity of theme parties is still great. They are satisfied in the cafe and at home, in the fresh air and at corporate events. Such birthdays require a certain entourage, a special selection of dishes and dresses invited. You can even make gifts suitable to the theme of the evening.

Ideas to celebrate a themed birthday:

French party Entourage – French cafe style, images of the Eiffel Tower, lavender, cheese, wine, delicately served French cuisine dishes. Contests – learn the word made by mime and shown in the form of pantomime, build the Eiffel Tower from cups, pronounce your name with French prone, draw a picture in the abstract style with finger paints.

The vampire party. Entourage – all the objects around and table setting in red and black, posters with famous vampires of their films, hands (glove with frozen ice inside). Contests – checking the smell with eyes closed, “luring the victim” (who can persuade the best), “vampire arsenal” (pulling attributes from a hat for a vampire and justifying its necessity).

Party in the style of “Hollywood”. Entourage – red carpet, posters, posters, popcorn, balls in the shape of stars. Contests – for the best trick, the best make-up, the best phrase from the film, the best costume, the best actors (contests like live pictures).

Style Party. Entourage – garlands of light bulbs, of records, clothes in the style of the 60s. Contests – a dance with a plate between the dancing partners, a “black jazz player” (we turn the guy into a black jazz musician), a quiz about the stylists and their slang.

There are a lot of ideas on how to celebrate a birthday party in a theme party. Hawaiian, Japanese, in the style of “Avatar”, “Ladies and Gentlemen”, “Wild West” – all these stories will help to spend a holiday inexpensively, to make it unforgettable, regardless of where it went, at home or in a cafe.

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