If a movie fan has started in your surroundings who does not think a day without watching a good movie, then this selection of gifts is especially for him. Here you will find universal gift ideas for the amateur to have a good time in front of the TV screen, regardless of the preferences of the person in the world of cinema.

Popcorn machine

Those for whom the cinema and popcorn are identical concepts, this gift is from the category of “must-have”. The device is able to prepare the whole mountain of your favorite delicacy in 3 minutes. At the same time without the use of oil and very harmful additives. And if the mountains are not enough, you can always pause the movie and prepare a couple more buckets.

Glasses for popcorn

Another gift for fans of popcorn crunch over watching an interesting movie. Special silicone molds in the form of glasses allow you to cook popcorn directly in the microwave. To do this, simply pour the required amount of corn in glasses, bend the edges of the molds in the form of a lid and place in the microwave oven. As soon as the dish is ready, the lids will open and you can enjoy yummy.

Tray table

Well, who can resist watching the show, but with a tea, but with your favorite sandwiches or cookies? Virtually no one. And if the recipient of the gift is among them, then the portable table will be appreciated. A tray with yummy and drinks can be put on the legs straight in front of you, or you can arrange a small table on the sofa for the company by folding the legs under the tabletop.

Mug with lid

Watching movies at home without a mug of your favorite drink can not do. A glass mug with a comfortable silicone insert is suitable for hot tea or coffee, and a plastic lid will not let the contents of the glass cool down quickly and spill onto the sofa.

Cinemood Mini Projector

The movie lover’s motto is simple: “watch a movie in any strange situation”. What and where is not particularly important. Because with a mini-projector, any more or less even and bright surface turns into a screen with a diagonal of up to 3 meters, and the default box itself already has TV channels, series, film strips, cartoons and the ability to download your own files. So does it matter what to watch a movie when you have a movie theater in your pocket?

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