This article is for those who do not know what to give such an original for a wedding. Many are interested in the question – what, after all, to give – money or a gift? On the one hand, the money, as they say, is not superfluous, however, some couples say that they themselves did not notice how the donated money ran out, and it is not clear what they were spent on. Whereas gifts made wisely left pleasant memories and gave a chance to try something new (for example, a kart subscription). The only thing – rest assured, bedding sets, the newlyweds already have dishes (most likely, just like an iron).

If you still think that donating money would be the best option, attach a small and original gift to them, for example, a calendar with a picture of a couple, starting from the date of their wedding until next year and the same date.

Gift cards are a great gift. The list of services provided by gift cards is almost limitless. This may be a certificate for clothing, jewelry, furniture, home appliances, entertainment, recreation.

To make your wedding unforgettable, order your friends a fascinating firework or fire show. This is a very beautiful and spectacular performance, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Several small gifts, originally presented. For example, a flower with petals – gifts. Make a paper flower, on each sheet write a short description of the small gifts you will give. Newlyweds should tear off the petals in turn, and give gifts to you. For example, on the petal you write “Rest”, and give a certificate for a massage for two. “Peace” – and give a small lamp in the form of a globe.

T-shirts with JUST MARRIED. They will especially please the newlyweds on their honeymoon, and after that they will become a pleasant memory for the rest of their lives. You can even offer them to wear T-shirts for each wedding anniversary. Order such T-shirts, come up with the original format of the inscription can be with us. Breakfast tray in bed. Romantic gift for two, which will serve as a reason for a couple to please each other. For a tray, give a couple of napkins, several types of coffee or tea. Such a tray will delight for many years and make the morning hours unforgettable.

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